About Us

At Eco Ninjas we strive to bring you quality products to assist you on your sustainable Eco journey. We also share a love for the natural world and offer gear to inspire active and adventurous lives. Nature is calling... so it’s time to go outside, get out of the house and enjoy this beautiful planet.

Our range of Vegan faux leather cork bags, wallets and jewellery are hand made in Portugal by local artisans. The cork material is sustainably harvested from mature cork trees as they begin their natural shedding process. The tree is then left to regrow its outer cork bark layer for 9 - 12 years before harvested again and is a renewal resource that helps sequester CO2 from the atmosphere during this regrowth stage.

Giving back is an embedded belief we hold and therefore 5% of all profits go towards re vegetation and reforestation projects, the care of sick and injured wildlife or marine plastic clean up initiatives. 100% of profits from our cork bee bracelets are directed to planting bee friendly foraging plantings and education initiatives on bee colony collapse and the vital role bees playing in pollinating our food crops. No bee = no me.

The business philosophy of the triple bottom line of People| Planet | Profit is central to our daily processes.

We hope you enjoy your visit and if you would like to contact us reach out via email to support@econinjas.com.au or via phone, Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm AEST on M: 0404 833 741.

You will also find our range of Geocaching hides and products on our eBay store here.

David and the Eco Ninjas Team.